Who we are

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Bunny & Clyde came about when three of four friends fell pregnant virtually simultaneously and the prospect of new babies tickled our imaginations.

Behind the name are sisters, Nathalie Vos and Lisa Vos, and Mariëtte Bergh, and we all share a background in  various Art and Design disciplines. With the excitement of becoming mommies to our own brood we soon realised that we didn’t particularly like the nursery furniture on offer coupled with the facts that most of what we found available on the market was mass-produced, generic in appearance, and exclusively for use within the nursery. We wanted to design a timeless and versatile range so that the initial investment is in your baby’s room, but ultimately, you are left with pieces that would look great in any room of the house.

And so began the journey of building a brand and creating designs for our dream nurseries. After about a year or more of refining designs in-between mommy-hood and full time careers, prototypes were made and the dream became a reality.