animal-print-3-copyAt Bunny & Clyde, we believe that innovative design and sustainability go hand in hand. By designing products that not only grow with your child, we aim for superior quality so that our products can be passed on for generations to come. Through our work we strive to forge a connection with the natural world . Our use of honest, raw materials, and craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques, allow us to make a return to traditions that are being swept aside by industry and we know that our processes tread lightly upon the earth.


All of our finishes are people-friendly and non-toxic

All of our materials are planet-friendly, recyclable, renewable,or biodegradable. And all of our woods are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) as being sustainably and responsibly harvested.


We are committed to helping to sustain and revitalise small businesses, communities, and crafters most local to us, by following a philosophy of local manufacturing; all of our products are domestically made either in Ireland (for the EU and worldwide export market) or in South Africa (for the African Market). Every item is expertly and lovingly crafted by men and women with decades of experience using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Low Waste

All of our furniture products are Made-to-Order .We do not keep any furniture products in stock, therefore we eliminate waste in terms of resources, labour, and materials, by only producing according to demand.


All of our products are designed to be heirloom quality pieces that can be passed on to future generations. As such, we use only the highest quality materials and construction methods to produce our furniture items. As well as the exceptional quality and workmanship that goes into every piece of furniture that we manufacture, our designs are versatile and multifunctional so that the furniture products not only grow with the child adapting to their changing needs, but they can also function beyond the limits of the nursery and find centre stage elsewhere in the home.