• Bunny & Clyde Harrison Nursery Furniture Set. Modern mid century inspired nursery furniture. Handmade in solid wood. Junior Design Award Platinum Winner Best Cot Bed
    Harrison Nursery


Modern Heirlooms Collecting the Stories and Memories of Family – because GROWING UP is beautiful…

Bunny & Clyde create timeless design-led products for family homes. Our range of modern heirloom nursery and children’s furniture and lifestyle products are versatile, safe, extremely well made, and importantly,  they are for moms and dads too! Because they are able to transcend the boundaries of the nursery, they can be re-purposed in other areas of the home. Including adult spaces! We believe that innovative design and sustainability go hand in hand. Not only do our beautiful and special pieces grow with children, they are also enduring features that make the family home; They are family treasures and family stories to hand down to future generations. 

It is in the birth of a child that our past becomes a future…

WELCOME to the big wide world!

You are about to embark on a BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY called  LIFE.
But first, we need to find you a good place to SLEEP…



Safe, Well-Made, Versatile, Longlasting, Aesthetic …


Bunny & Clyde Heirloom Nursery Furniture - Harrison Cot

Baby’s very 1ST BED is host to their very 1ST DREAMS.
To grow big and strong, you’re going to need lots of good sleep.
Mommy and Daddy want you to be SAFE too,
so a WELL-MADE bed is important!


Bunny & Clyde Heirloom Children's Furniture - Harrison Toddler Bed

But let’s not forget that you won’t be a baby forever.
In fact, you are GROWING really fast!
You need a bed that is VERSATILE and CLEVER enough
to keep up with you…


Bunny & Clyde Heirloom Nursery and Children's Furniture - Harrison Daybed

Baby’s first bed…GROWING UP with them always…
Collecting the MEMORIES of childhood adventures
and BRIDGING THE GAP between

Parents can happily re-purpose pieces into their adult spaces


Bunny & Clyde is an investment for future generations

When we teach our children that products are meant to last a lifetime, we are not only teaching them sustainable living principles, but we are also inspiring a future generation to instinctively understand and appreciate good design; When we buy quality, everyone becomes involved in looking after those special pieces and we learn the concept of value. We are investing in future generations. Our Children and their children after that will inherit the world we leave behind for them


 Superior Ethical Products Lovingly Handcrafted

Because it’s in our hands to make this world a better place for future generations…


Silhouette of hand over forest scene

Made With Respect

As a brand and as parents it is our duty to contribute to a BETTER WORLD  for humanity and for the future. 

We are a “CRADLE TO CRADLE” brand- we only use materials that have come from nature so that they can return to nature.

Our materials and finishes are NATURAL, NON-TOXIC and ALWAYS SUSTAINABLE  so contribute to a HEALTHY PLANET and HEALTHY HOMES.

We PRODUCE LOCALLY  in small batches or made-to-order thereby eliminating wasteful practices.

So Everyone can FEEL really GOOD about purchasing our SOCIALLY and ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE pieces. 




Rosaline Rocking Chair being made

A Return To Traditions

Our products are MADE IN IRELAND by highly skilled craftspeople.

Our maker is a 6TH GENERATION FAMILY woodworking business nestled against countryside and the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland’s ANCIENT EAST.

We use a combination of TRADITIONAL JOINERY techniques and the latest technology to create a SUPERIOR product.

All products are ASSEMBLED and FINISHED by HAND.

Our use of HONEST RAW MATERIALS, CRAFTSMANSHIP, and manufacturing techniques, allows us to make a return to traditions that have been swept aside by industry.



Rosaline Rocking Chair in Green Velvet- Bunny & Clyde Luxury Nursery Furniture

Products For Life

With today’s throw-away mentality, we wanted to challenge the status quo! Our products are WELL-DESIGNED and exceptionally WELL-MADE so they stand the test of time

GOOD DESIGN makes a product USEFUL and shows respect towards the consumer. It also makes a product LONG-LASTING and TIMELESS

We produce design-led products with  beautiful AESTHETICS that enriches our HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING

Our products are VERSATILE and ADAPTABLE able to grow with a growing child and family and of course, they are SAFE! They also MEET and exceed all SAFETY STANDARDS.

Our dressers and rocking chairs, and our daybed conversions are FOR ADULTS TOO! and so our products are not just strictly for children.