Our Story

Portraits of co-founders of Bunny & Clyde

Pictured from left to right: Lisa, Nathalie, Mariette – Co-founders of Bunny & Clyde

How It Started

Bunny & Clyde came about when three of four friends fell pregnant virtually simultaneously. The prospect of new babies tickled our imaginations to create a range of timeless modern heirloom nursery furniture…

Bunny & Clyde is an award-winning luxury furniture and lifestyle brand. We design and make nursery furniture, children’s furniture and adults furniture and lifestyle products. and Behind the name are sisters, Nathalie and Lisa Vos, and friend since childhood, Mariëtte Bergh. We grew up in the beautiful wilds of South Africa but we are now split between Ireland and South Africa; two beautiful lands full of rich culture, varied and abundant natural beauty, and of course longstanding traditions of craftsmanship.

In 2012, Both Nathalie and Mariëtte were expecting their first babies within a couple of months of each other. With the excitement of becoming mamas to our own brood, we became immersed in the world of all things, baby…Coming from Fine Arts, Interior Design, and Graphic Design backgrounds we have a  huge love and appreciation for GOOD DESIGN. In the search for products for our own nursery rooms, we were disappointed with what was on offer.  A lot of mass-produced poorly made nursery furniture, generic in appearance, and exclusively for use within the nursery.

Illustration. Outside scene of Daddy, Mommy, and Child Cat Dressed in smart coatsThe Inspiration

As soon-to-be parents naturally inspired a trip down the memory lanes of our own childhoods. We remembered our own childhood homes, filled with treasures that had been passed down through the generations. These pieces, whether they were items of furniture or little trinkets contained so many stories of lives real and imagined. These were pieces that embodied the stories of our family and of our history.  Many of these treasures were discarded in the wake of the flat-pack revolution, to make way for disposable fast fashionable trends. It was sad to realise this.

We are inspired by nostalgia and the visual and sensory memories of our upbringing.  We love stories and the idea of passing things down through the generations.

On Becoming Parents…

Becoming a parent is possibly the single biggest event to happen in one’s life. We wanted to create products that could mark this event in a lasting and tangible form; to capture all the wonderful stories of childhood,  family, and growing up. We wanted products that our children would pass on to their children one day.

Harrison Dresser with doors open - Luxury Nursery Furniture

Harrison Dresser in Solid Walnut and Ash Wood

We also realised that babies grow up pretty quickly! So we challenged ourselves to design nursery furniture that would be in use long after the baby years. By making an initial investment in Baby’s room, you ultimately have pieces that work in any room of the home. And, the whole family can use

The Begining…

We began designing our initial range in 2012.  A year later in 2013, we launched Bunny & Clyde. Grandpa Vos ( Nathalie and Lisa’s daddy) made our very first prototypes and our first orders on the family farm in South Africa. Production has since moved to Ireland.

What We Stand For

We’re passionate about GOOD DESIGN and DESIGN-LED SUSTAINABILITY!  We believe as designers, that we have a responsibility to create beautiful and meaningful products. And Good design and beautiful aesthetics can contribute to the overall happiness and well-being of all.

We want to inspire today’s “throw-away” society to be responsible and care for the environment and the societies we live in. Because it is in our hands to create a better future for our children.

Our long lasting and well-made products are beautiful and responsibly made.  In addition, we use only natural materials and finishes that are safe and healthy. By creating products that children will grow up with, we hope to inspire a future generation of budding designers too.