Craftsmanship - Bunny and Clyde products in the making

Made with love just like they used to…

At Bunny & Clyde, our master craftsmen use a combination of traditional and modern joinery techniques to craft all our furniture. And what’s more,  all pieces are finished by hand.

From the concealed fixings that keep the sides of our cots together requiring very little assembly, to the use of full extension soft-close Blum hinges for our drawers, to the very strong traditional mortise and tenon joints used in the construction of the wooden furniture, we have combined expert craftsmanship with innovation to provide you with products that set ours apart from others.

Please take a moment to read this section about understanding handcrafted solid wooden furniture. It is hoped that it will provide you with a better understanding and appreciation of our products.

Handcrafted pieces

Handcrafted pieces are like works of art. Individual craftsmen labour to express the excellence of their skills.  The slight variations and imperfections of crafting by hand make each piece unique and this lends itself to a nostalgic character that we love so much at Bunny & Clyde.

For the love of wood…

At Bunny & Clyde, we love the intrinsic beauty of natural wood, not only do we believe it to be the perfect material to use to make our products for its beauty, safety, and durability, we also feel that it lends itself perfectly to the nature of our products on a symbolic level; Just as no two people are the same, no two pieces of wood are the same – Its’ colour, texture, and grain are as individual as person’s features and personality. This makes every piece of furniture we create at Bunny & Clyde unique – made just for you.

As a natural element, however, there are things that you should know about and expect from your real wood furniture:

Natural Occurring Characteristics

Natural Occurring Characteristics such as knots and variations in grain, colour, and texture are a part of every piece of wood. These characteristics are what makes each piece unique.

Natural Movement

Natural Movement will occur with all wood products. Wood will expand and contract with seasonal moisture level changes. This may give the appearance of surface checks and fine cracks – often around the knots of the wood. This is not a defect. Quality craftsmanship will make allowances for this movement, and it in no way affects the structural strength and integrity of the furniture.

Natural Colour Changes

Natural Colour Changes will occur to the wood with exposure to both natural and artificial light.

It is our opinion that these characteristics, variations, and slight imperfections serve only to enhance the beauty of the pieces; they make every item of furniture unique. So when you purchase a piece of furniture from Bunny & Clyde, you are purchasing a unique piece made exclusively for you to love for many years.

Natural products displaying any of these characteristics cannot be exchanged as they are not defective.